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Check out ROXPro

Shop your smart training assistant today!

Transform your training into interactive experiences with ROX. Improve reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance. 

ROXPro | Charging Case
Convenient quick charge and easy-mobility. Charge up to 6 ROX at the same time and take them any place.
Erreiche bis zu 800 Wiederholungen pro Trainingseinheit 4x mehr fußballspezifische Aktionen im Vergleich zum traditionellen Training Spielrealistischer Rebound-Effekt Trainiert den Schulterblick auf natürliche Weise  2in1-Setup für Boden- und ...
ROXCone X bring extra anti-slip, anti-flip performance to your training. Features: Super soft and flexible Silicone Easy snap in and out function Special cone structure design Injury prevention Water protection Transparent silicon for opt...