Your ROX training system comes with 3 interactive sensor pods and free access to unlimited workouts, 300+ video guided exercises and open programs to create your own sessions. Global leaderboard access and in-app real time analytics are included in the purchase.
Get fit, play up.

  • • 3 x ROX
  • • 3 x Adjustable straps with silicon holster
  • • 1 x Adapter with 4 USB plugs
  • FREE ROXPro App – iOS and Android
  • FREE introduction call
  • Train Body & Brain
  • Compete with yourself and the world
  • Full body Training
  • Any place, any age, any fitness level
  • Track performance
  • Coach APP: +500 exercises and +100 guided workouts
  • · Free, video based workout sessions for any fitness and age level
    · 300+ free video based exercise library for fitness and sports specific training
    · 10+ open programs to create your own drills
    · Global leaderboard to compete with the world
    · In-app real time analytics to track your performance to the millisecond

    Easy-to-use: intuitive set-up, navigation and customization
    Open tool: never prescriptive. 100% customizable according to specific needs
    Help center: multi-platform user support available
  • Light, sound and vibration
  • Multi-sensory cues stimulate multiple senses and recreate real game and life scenarios
  • Adjustable sensors
  • Adjustable sensitivity of sensors complies to different training and location needs
  • Balance feature 
  • Use immediate feedback for body balance assessment and training
  • Super durable
  • Strong construction makes the ROX resistant to any impact
Mobile tech
  • IoT connectivity and wireless charging for long-term use
Training methodology
Sports-science backed Programs for cognitive-motor skills development, focus-training and motivation boosting

Free app for iOS and Android. User-centric designed, intuitive use, and simple control. User-centric designed, intuitive use, and simple control.

  • · Workout sessions, video and audio based
  • · Multi week training plans
  • · 300+ exercise library
  • · 10+ Programs
  • · 3 Taps & Go
  • · Preset drills
  • · Customized drills
  • · Global leaderboard
  • · In-App Analytics
  • · In-ap help center
  • · Community center
  • · FREE for iOS and Android

Training Library – in-App video guided drills

  • · Free 300+ videos to train reaction, speed & agility, visual an auditory capabilities, cognitive-motor skills, strength, coordination, balance, ADLs, among many other
  • · Specific videos for every discipline: fitness, soccer, boxing, physical therapy, etc.
  • · Video drills following MSNP training methodology
  • · Consistent upload of new video content

Tech Features

  • · Light and sound interactions
  • · Add up to 50 ROX to one system
  • · li-ion rechargeable batteries with 3-9 running hours
  • · Hardware controlled by App
  • · Touch, tap and motion sensors
  • · Multicolor RGB LED lights for visual stimulation
  • · Speaker for auditory stimulation
  • · Vibration motor for tactile stimulation


  • · Jet-Fighter material (Polycarbonate/ ABS)
  • · Anti-shock construction
  • · Water-repellent
  • · Exclusive use of virgin raw materials


  • · FCC approved
  • · GS approved adapter
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