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Everything is smart in 2021.

But the way we train to stay fit and healthy is the same for decades. We are still pedalling on a bike or moving around in front of a screen (which is now a mirror or an iPhone). And yeah, now we get lots of data and can collect high fives from a virtual community or pretty hot celebrity instructors. Still, the actual way how we train our bodies is the same.
What if we told you that there was a truly smarter way to train?
A way to train that stimulates your body AND brain, yet it is MORE EFFECTIVE and MORE ENJOYABLE than what you have EVER done before? Best of all, a way of training that is PROVEN, and already well established among the world's top athletes.
At A-Champs, we create innovative and interactive training solutions that are based on the premise that we perform to a higher level in sports and life if we train body and brain together.
Combining the best in exercise and neuro-science with mobile technology and data, we have developed a playful, holistic solution that stimulates both your physical and mental abilities.
At the core of our technology is the element of surprise. The randomised sequences available strengthen your ability to react, respond and adapt both physically and mentally, in both the short and long-term. And because you’re having fun and seeing results, we guarantee you will want to show up for your next session.
The best thing, however, is that it does not matter if you are an Olympic Medalist, a senior, a child, a couch potato, a fitness fanatic or you have special abilities, our training solutions are for every person.
That is because every person has a body that is controlled by a brain. And as soon as you start to train those 2 systems together, your performance and training engagement immediately start to increase.
All in all it’s really simple... but it's also really smart.


When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, I felt completely helpless for the first time in my life. In these days of shock and fear I was made aware that being healthy is a gift. I have to admit that even though I try to remind myself of this every day, far too often I don’t treat my health as careful as I should (too little sleep and sometimes too many Gin Tonics...). But when it comes to our little girls Polly and Pippa I don't forget. If I had only one goal to achieve in my life it was to make and keep those 2 little ones happy & healthy. 
The easiest way to foster health and happiness is via living an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of the people in "modern societies" don’t get the physical activity that they need to stay happy and healthy. And the worst thing is that already kids are born into those highly unhealthy sedentary lifestyles.
At A-Champs our vision is to change that and to make movement fun and to bring back physical activity into the lives of modern families.
Instead of condemning technology – the alleged main driver of today’s sedentary lifestyles – we make it part of the solution. We use latest sports- and neuroscience, gamification, sensors, lights and sounds to make movement fun. For parents, kids and even grandparents. Because creating active lifestyle habits starts at home, in the family.