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ROXs Pro by A-Champs
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ROXs Pro App:

Setup ROXs Pro, your smart training assistant, with ROXs Pro App and take your training to the next level.

Everybody will come back for more effective and fun sessions. Now you can focus on people, ROXs Pro does the rest.

Create unlimited routines with multi-sensory stimulation combined with gamified elements and random variation, set the interactions and track the results.


•8+ Programs

Create unlimited routines with preset and customized drills

Sports science based Programs

Train with Programs developed for Pros by Pros based on the game-changing MSNP™ training methodology


Customize all the Programs according to your training needs

•3 Taps & Go

Plan your drills easy & quick and start with a few taps

•Multi-sensory interaction

Set light, sound and touch cues for an interactive training experience


Train and assess coordination & balance via multi-sensory feedback

Grouping Feature

Challenge your athletes and create competitions by using groups of Rocks

•Tracking dashboard

Follow individual results via a cloud-based dashboard

•In-App help center

Get instant support via an App integrated chat platform

•Community content

Access an ever-growing training library for inspiration, ideas and tips


Get better connectivity with superior IoT network


Last Release Note:

Hey Champs!

This release comes with a bunch of new features and experience improvements:- The Program ‘Lights Out’, now comes with unlimited circles and no breaks between circles for continuous drills

 - “Auto Turn-Off” feature added in ‘Settings’ so you can set after how many minutes of inactivity your Rocks automatically turn off to save battery

- Improved connectivity and stability to easily connect up to 30 Rocks and create groups to run drills in parallel

- Smaller enhancements in all the Programs to improve the training flow- In-app support improvements added like the Diagnostics feature to report and quick-fix issues, plus an all new user manual

-User experience and design optimized for both light and dark modesIn order to activate the new features your Rocks need to be updated. Follow the Unlock Pro process to update and guarantee that your Rocks keep up with the latest releases and features on the ROXs Pro App.

Here is what you need to do to Unlock:

  1. Turn on 3 Rocks at a time (not all)
  2. Visit “Settings” and select ‘UNLOCK PRO’
  3. In case the updating process does not start automatically, click on the icon with 3 dots;
  4. Once 3 Rocks are updated, turn on the next 3 Rocks and repeat the process;
  5. Make sure you are connected to the internet, that the Rocks are close to your phone and that your Rocks are charged while updating;
  6. Once all Rocks are updated go back to the Device Manager and sync all the newly updated Rocks for easy and quick setup during your training sessions.