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Create gamified workouts

Training with ROXs Pro becomes an interactive experience that uses modern gamification concepts to camouflage the hard effort put in during exercise as play, and increases the engagement. It makes clients work harder, be more focused and, most importantly, have more fun.

The result? They will always come back for more. It's good for your bottom line and good for your clients, as the more work they put in the better are the results - it doesn’t matter if the focus is endurance, strength, balance or flexibility.

For all your clients

No matter the fitness level of your clients: professional athletes, regular gym goers, couch potatoes, kids, seniors, rehabilitation and special needs patients, and everybody in need of   physical activity can be stimulated with ROXs Pro. Everything about ROXs is designed to be mobile and customizable, but never prescriptive. You can integrate it into your sessions 100% according to yours and your clients' needs.

Train any place, any time

ROXs Pro is completely mobile and fits into any gym bag. Use the straps to fix them to trees or objects and bring the workout experience outdoors. Make the world your interactive gym.

"Boosting engagement + performance = the perfect training tool!"

Nikkie Zanevsky, Parkour Fitness Trainer @getwildlyfit

Create hyper-focused workouts

One of the hidden benefits of the multi-sensory stimulation provided by ROXs Pro is that your clients will be 100% focused on the workout experience. Lights, sounds and touch stimulus make  it impossible to think of anything else but tapping the next Rock. Being present only in the moment is guaranteed.

Focus on your clients

Keep your eyes on your clients’ movements and form. Let ROXs Pro do the tracking, counting and signal shouting work. Focus on your training and don’t lose a second with your clients.

Add more value to workouts 

Even if your clients just want that perfect a 6-pack, everybody can benefit from the cognitive-motor skills development and the scientifically proven effects that MSNP™ training methodology has on body & brain.

Assess, train and improve performance

The ROXs Pro 8+ Programs allow you to assess and train the specific key-attributes for a fitness training inside the 8 target areas of cognitive-motor development.

Pre- and post-tests can be created to compare the results tracked through the cloud-based dashboard available with ROXs Pro. Specific workouts focusing on the relevant key attributes can be performed to improve the performance, 100% according to the needs of individual trainers and clients.

Key-attributes for fitness results that are trained with ROXs Pro:

fitness 8 skills