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Multi-sensory stimulation develops specific cognitive-motor skills that lead to better results in the gym or higher performance on the field.
Gamified elements used in connected technology provides immediate feedback and displays data, which is the base for challenges and competitions that boost the inner motivation of athletes, clients and patients alike.
Randomized variations of the lights and signals bring unlimited and uncertain possibilities to the training, demanding complete focus on the exercise.
A training with ROXs Pro fulfills the uncertainty principle of sports. Players don’t know the movements before they perform it, they don’t know the direction, distance, time of execution or rest. ROXs Pro’s randomness factor takes the training to the next level as multiple senses are stimulated in unexpected sequences. Just like in a real game.
Enjoyment is a crucial factor during training to improve not only the performance of athletes but also any significant learning process. ROXs Pro’s gamified elements boost inner motivation with challenges and competitions.It makes any training more enjoyable which keeps the focused attention on the training and gets everybody to train harder and more often while the results get better.
A more effective and engaging physical training must imply variation, instead of simple repetition of the same motion over and over again in the same way. Although it is indispensable to repeat drills, pro-athletes reach their status through diversification and exploration. Multi-sensory stimulation combined with gamified elements and randomized variations during ROXs Pro training delivers uncertainty. This creates unlimited training circumstances that reflect real life contexts and real game scenarios.
• Light interaction
Sound interaction
Touch interaction

The traditional way of training is to repeat physical training and get a certain result or performance. The new way to train with ROXs Pro is based on the MSNP™ integrated to a physical training to get higher performance and better results ROXs Pro’s MSNP™ training is an unique combination of multi-sensory stimulation, gamified elements and randomized variations. This combination exposes the athlete to new training impulses and thus enables the preconditions for neuroplasticity.

Multi-sensory stimulation refers to the concept that the more senses are stimulated during an activity, the more effective the perceptual learning will be. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form and reform neural networks. Every repetition reinforces a neural pathway, these small changes, frequently enough repeated, lead to changes in how the brain works, changing it’s structure as we experience, learn, and adapt. This is fundamental for the development of specific cognitive motor-skills and inner motivation.

Cognitive-motor skills
Inner Motivation
Stimulate real game scenarios
Working out has never been so fun
Creating real life contexts and game scenarios
With ROXs Pro’s MSNP™ training
New resources are added to a natural physical training, to increase the results and performance.
MSNP™ Training
leads to increased performance and results on the field & in the gym.
Body & Brain Training
To make better players each sport has specific areas that should be improved. ROXs Pro provides sports-specific training Programs that:
Visual system optimization
Auditive system optimization
Tactile system optimization
Sensory Capacity
Concentration and Alertness
Emotional Management
Learning and Memory
Decision Making
Faster movement of the nervous impulse
Greater movement agility
Better muscle efficiency
Higher accuracy, speed and coordination
Better focusing on relevant information
Faster simple reaction time
Faster choice reaction time
Decreased psychological tension
Better focus on exercise
Higher motivation
Faster decision making
Greater adaptability and resourcefulness
Within the MSNP training methodology 8 target areas of cognitive-motor development are identified, which – depending on the use scenario – impact an athlete’s performance on the field or in the gym.
Access the relevant performance to allow objective pre-/post-test;
Train the relevant abilities in a specific way.
Target areas of improvement during physical training