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Help patients exceed their physical limitations


Improve your patients' position and body movements, increase their sense of equilibrium and balance with UpalaTM, our proprietary feature for body control.


Your patients will use different parts of their bodies at the same time to respond to visual, audible and tactile cues and acquire efficiency in their reactions and movements.


Help your patients gain strength and muscular tone with interactive sessions that will help them stay focused thanks to ROXs Pro gamification elements.


Set up sessions designed to recover gradually your patients' mobility while adding stretching exercises that will keep their muscles flexible.  


Preset Drills

Make the most out of ROXs Pro with the content in our app. 36 videos with rehabilitation drills that automatically set up your Rocks in one single tap.

Follow up

Get visibility on your clients’ performances and follow their improvements with a cloud-based dashboard.


Get your clients and patients involved with their own progress with Gamification and the infinite combinations you can use for your sessions.


Use our multi-sensory stimulation tools with light, sound and vibration cues to increase the effectiveness.

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We are big on sports

Many of top Premier League soccer teams, as well as rugby and cricket clubs, use A-Champs solutions as essential elements in their rehabilitation sessions. ROXs Pro®, our flagship product, has already captivated European physical therapists thanks to the many benefits it offers in areas including balance, strength, coordination, memory, peripheral vision, among many other cognitive and motor skills.

Incorporating Gamification and IoT technologies, ROXs Pro® adds value to any rehabilitation treatment by engaging clients and patients in their own recovery processes with fun and enjoyable activities.

Some rehabilitation drills already on our app

aerofloor®, the perfect complement to your exercises with ROXs Pro®