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See how ROX can help you improve your football game:

Everything you do in a football game is based on what is happening around you: you see and hear what's going on, react, decide and adapt to it. ROX’s light and sound based football training replicates those real life football game scenarios and makes you a smarter football player.

“I have lost many top football players because their head was on the ball and not seeing what was around them...Great football players isolate from the ball. Their head is like a radar.”

football coach

Photo by Ronnie Macdonald on Foter.com / CC BY

ARSÈNE WENGER, Ex-Arsenal FC Team Manager

Build the foundation for your success in football

train your scanning, head on a swivel with ROX

Head on a swivel

Develop spatial awareness, learn to scan the football pitch and turn your head into a radar.

Reaction speed

Understand, evaluate, and improve your ability to react to in-game situations.

Decision making

Learn to stay on your toes, be alert, and make the right and quick decisions on the football field.

If you want to be the best football athlete,
you have to train like the best football athletes.

Get the edge

Train cognitive-motor skills to make faster decisions in the game.

Make it a competition

Compete with yourself or your mates and exceed your limits.

Enjoy your trainings

Make it a game and turn the hard
work into fun.


Train cognitive-motor skills to make faster decisions in the football game.

Make it a competition

Compete with yourself or your mates and exceed your limits.

Enjoy your trainings

Make it a game and turn the hard
work into fun.

Elite level drills made for you

Start any of the 200+ football drills developed by leading Sports-Scientists and Football Coaches with as little as 3 taps in the App. Work on your football skills with position specific, fitness, conditioning or rehab and injury prevention exercises.

"I worked with Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Bayern Munich and most of the Premier League football teams and put all my 25+ year football coaching experience into the development of the ROX Football Drills. They are made to help you to become the best football player you can be."


Add variety to your training

Tired of the same old football drills? Spice up your football routine with new drills, new stimuli and unlimited Cross- and Functional Football Training possibilities.

Objective Data, no guesswork

Track your performance, see your improvements and compare your results with your football teammates and football players from all around the world.

What you get

App with video based football drills and open programs, all based on a proprietary training methodology.

Light and sound based stimulation via ROX interactive football pods.

Objective Training Data to compete and track your football and fitness performance.

How it works

1. Download the ROXPro App
2. Connect your ROX with your phone
3. Browse the Training Library
4. Watch video based drill instructions
5. Put your ROX in position
6. Tap Start
7. Perform a drill
8. View your performance data

Your way to train like the best pro soccer players.

Numbers at Play


A-Champs products are used by 85% of Premier League football teams.


80% of all sensory information is captured through the eyes, making vision- and reaction-based training your secret weapon to get the edge in football.


Join the A-Champs community of 22,000+ football coaches and football athletes.

Why Football Coaches and Players love it

With this cutting-edge technology, we are better positioned to maximize individual player development as well as the overall potential of our team"

Peter Vermes Head Coach of Sporting Kansas City MLS

“To succeed in modern, fast football, strong cognitive, coordinative and visual skills are required. ROX offers a unique training solution to optimise those skills and is now an integral part of our training."

Stefan Kohfahl Managing Director Fundación Real Madrid Clinic Western Europe

"My ROXPro was an invaluable addition to my offseason training. As a center back, it is so important to keep your head on a swivel to read the game and help direct your teammates. And in modern football, reaction speed and quickness of thought has never been more important. I can't wait to try all of the different drills with the ROXPro app to take my game to the next level”

Walker Zimmerman Pro Soccer Player, USMNT Player and defender of the year 2020

“I am loving the versatility and portability of ROXPro. I can easily bring it to the scocer pitch, the beach and the gym. It’s super easy to customize my workouts through the app so I spend more time on the ball and less on my phone. It's a tool that I use several times a week”

Estelle Johnson Pro Soccer Player, Sky Blue FC #24 and Cameron National Team

“I’ve had so much fun discovering all the fun ways to use the #ROXPro this offseason. All controlled by an app on your phone, there are so many creative ways to train so you never get bored. Just choose what you want to work on, set up a drill, and get after it!"

Vanessa DiBernando Pro Soccer Player, Chicago Red Stars

"ROX is a fundamental tool for my soccer coaching work. I love that it adds a cognitive training element and that it allows me to focus 100% on my athletes. And all my players love it as well.”

Peter Munoz FCBarcelona Academy Coach

Here is what the future Pros are saying:

"I use the Rox based training often and I find that the ROX are really useful in bettering myself as a soccer player. For instance, Rox training helps me with being able to think quicker and further ahead other than just the first play. So in a game I can make better decisions and play quicker."

Nash Woosley Soccer Athlete

"I LOVE training with the ROX lights. I think ROX really helps advance my technical skills in training, teaches me how to apply awareness on the field, and also assists in my ability to have a faster speed of play."

Katelyn Police Soccer Athlete

"It's really cool, gets you a whole bunch of different exercises you can do with just one piece of material. I've never had such an intense training."

Max Keser Soccer Athlete