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If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best.

the edge

Train like the best pros on the planet and get the edge.

Make it a competition

Compete with yourself or your mates and exceed your limits.

Enjoy your trainings

Make it a game and turn the hard
work into fun.


Train like the best pros on the planet and get the edge with training that makes you a smarter & faster player.

Make it a competition

Compete with yourself or your mates and exceed your limits.

Enjoy your trainings

Make it a game and turn the hard
work into fun.

Build the foundation for your success in soccer

train your scanning, head on a swivel with ROX

Head on a swivel

Develop spatial awareness, learn to scan your environment and turn your head into a radar.

Reaction speed

Understand, evaluate, and improve your ability to react to in-game situations.

Decision making

Learn to stay on your toes, be alert, and make the right and quick decisions on the field.

“I have lost many top players because their head was on the ball and they a not seeing what was around them...Great players isolate from the ball. Their head is like a radar.”

Photo by Ronnie Macdonald on Foter.com / CC BY

ARSÈNE WENGER, Ex-Arsenal FC Team Manager

"I worked with Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Bayern Munich and most of the premier league teams and put all my 25+ year Coaching experience into the development of the ROX Drills that help you to become the best soccer player you can be."

Alan Pearson from SAQ International coached Ronaldo Michael Jordan Bayern Munich


Elite level drills made for you

Start any of the 200+ drills developed by leading Sports-Scientists and Coaches with as little as 3 taps in the App.

Position Specific Drills

Replicate game-like scenarios with position specific drills for Goalkeepers, Midfielders, Defenders and Forwards.

Fitness & Conditioning

Boost your fitness with functional and soccer specific conditioning drills for warm up/ cool down, sprint and sped training.

Rehab & Injury Prevention

Practice non-contact training at your pace and customize drills based on your injury. Practice functional movements and recover faster.

Add variety to your training

Tired of the same old drills? Spice up your routine with new drills, new stimuli and unlimited Cross- and Functional Training possibilities.

Objective Data, no guesswork

Track your performance, see your improvements and compare your results with your mates and players all around the world.

objective data by ROX pro

Your way to train like the best for only $285.80 AUD

Numbers at play


A-Champs products are used by 85% of Premier League teams.


80% of all sensory information is captured through the eyes, making vision- and reaction-based training your secret weapon to get the edge.


Join the A-Champs community of 22,000+ coaches and athletes.

Why Coaches & Players love it

“... a different level of training.”

PETER SMITH, Former US MNT player

PETER SMITH, Former US MNT player

Here is what players and coaches are saying

Here is what players and coaches are saying

"80% of all sensory information is through the eyes. Using ROX Pro engages vision, perception and reaction skills to help make accurate decisions during play."



Sports Performance Vision Trainer, Director NDV

"It's really cool, gets you a whole bunch of different exercises you can do with just one piece of material. I've never had such an intense training."



FC Valbon, France

"ROX is a fundamental tool for my coaching work. I love that it adds a cognitive training element and that it allows me to focus 100% on my athletes. And all my players love it as well."



High Performance Coach, FCBarcelona Academy Coach

What you get

App with video based drills and open programs, all based on a proprietary training methodology.

Light and sound based stimulation via ROX interactive sensor pods.

Objective Training Data to compete and track performance.

How it works

1. Download the ROX Pro App
2. Connect your ROX with your phone
3. Browse the Training Library
4. Watch video based drill instructions
5. Put your ROX in position
6. Tap Start
7. Perform a drill
8. View your performance data