Train like a Pro.

Smarter, Faster, Stronger with ROX

Now, more than ever, every athlete needs more than just strength, speed, and skill. To get the edge over your competitors, you must also train your mental preparedness and psychological strength. ROX is the tool that combines training your body and smartening your mind to help you get to the top of your game.

With ROX, you can train across all 7 key areas that influence athletic performance:

1. Sensory capacity

· Improve your vision – to see the ball faster and better predict opponent behavior
· Increase your auditory skills – to hear your teammates better
· Optimize your tactile responses – to improve the way to position your body

2. Speed, agility and coordination

· Improve your explosiveness
· Dodge opponents quicker
· Run faster
· Improve your accuracy
· Conserve your energy on decisive plays
· Better muscle efficiency - increase your stamina and running speed

3. Perception

· Improve your focus on relevant information – to better identify relevant game situations
· Increase your information intake – to understand your game like a pro does

4. Decision making

· Quicken your ability to make decisions – to make game changing judgements
· Make fast, important selections – to read the game like a seasoned pro

5. Concentration and alertness

· Improve simple reaction time – to REACT faster to a game situation
· Improve choice reaction time – to DECIDE faster

6. Learning and memory

· Develop greater adaptability – to resolve unforeseen actions more quickly
· Improve resourcefulness – to create new movements

7. Competitive stress management

· Reduce your psychological tension – to keep calm and perform better

Make the hard work fun

Direct performance feedback in the ROX app allows you to track scores for yourself and your friends, unleashing the competitive beast in you that always wants to win. The light and sound based stimulation ensures that you are 100% focused on the exercise and that you “train completely in the present”, which is proven to be the most effective way of training.

Simulate real game scenarios

Instead of traditional training that is linear – running between cones – ROX randomized training replicates real game situations like nothing else. This methodology – called “Ghosting” – is what the best athletes on the planet are using to train in the most realistic way.

For all sports and skill levels

It doesn’t matter what sport you play or what your current abilities are. ROX helps you to take your game to your next level. Adjust the difficulty level of the drills based on your current stage of skill development. You are in control and you can work at your own pace to smash the targets that you set yourself.

ROX is the at-home edition of ROX Pro smart training assistant. ROX Pro helps coaches & trainers all over the globe to bring world class athletes and some of the most prestigious sports teams into peak shape.

I work with elite professionals and Olympic-level athletes across all fields of sports, such as NFL, NBA and Cirque Du Soleil... I need high quality and efficient tools to be up to these challenges… ROX does the job!

Desmond Diaz
2x Gold Medalist Tafisa WMAG

The randomness of ROX translates really well to sports. You have to stay sharp and move to a point in the court that is not predetermined, just like in a real match.

Paul Coll
No.5 PSA World Tour Squash Athlete

What I love about the ROX - they really help me to engage my mind before I start my workouts and I find my concentration improves when I warm up with the ROX.

Kieran Gething
Boxing Professional Boxer, UK

Train like a Pro

The ROX training library has been developed by leading sports scientists who have trained and worked with the biggest names in the game. Select from a library with 200+ sports-specific, fitness- and rehab drills or choose one of the 9 open programs to create your own drills.

Track your performance

In the free ROX app (ioS and Android) you are able to see direct performance feedback. ROX tracks your progress in real-time and uploads it to our cloud-based dashboard. Being able to analyze this information will help you see your progress, understand where to improve and create new targets.

Interactive ROX

Tough as a stone. Made to rely on.

· Light and sound cues.
· Adjustable sensors.
· li-ion rechargeable battery, 3-9 working hours.
· App Control.
· Jet fighter material: Ball, kick, punch, cleat-proof.
· Sensors for touch, tap and motion.

App Control

Simple to use. Save time.

· "3 Taps&Go".
· 9+ Programs.
· 200+ video-based training library.
· 100% customizable setup.
· Real time feedback.
· Plan, set and load your own preset drils.
· In-app help center.
· Free iOS and Android.

app stores


Objective training data. Show, track & analyze.

· Real time feedback.
· In-app tracking.
· Easy to assign results.
· Free cloud-based dashboard.

Sports Specific Content & Programs

Instruction, Inspiration & Open Programs. To get results.

MSNP™ Training Methodology
· Proprietary Training methodology developed by leading international Sport- & Exercise Scientists.

Performance Improvements via:

Random Training: to simulate real-game and real-life scenarios.
Cognitive-Motor skill training: to train body & brain.
Engagement: to increase focus and motivation to work harder & to come back.

  • In-app Training Library
  • Free 200+ sports specific, in-app, video guided drills.
    • Sport and application specific drills to train:
  •        · Reaction, Speed & Agility, Visual & auditory capabilities, Cognitive-motor skills, Strength or Rehab.
    Developed according to MSNP™ Training Methodology.
    Start with “1 tap” functionality plus customization feature.
  • Programs
  • • 9+ Open programs.
    Easily to start with “3 Taps&Go”.
    100% customizable.
    Unlimited pre-sets to plan your drills.
    3 categories of programs, based on:

  •       ·
    Tap Sensor.
    Light Signal.
    Motion Sensor.


In the box
· 3
· 3
x adjustable straps with silicone holster
1 x adapter 3 USB cables for charging
· Adapter with 4 USB ports

30-day money-back guarantee
1 year Warranty
 24/7 customer Support

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