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Maximize your team potential and individual player development
by utilizing our cutting-edge technology with ROX Pro!

It's really cool, gets you a whole bunch of different exercises you can do with just one piece of material. I've never had such an intense training
Max Keser
FC Valbonne, France

ROX Pro consists of interactive, durable lights that can easily be set up to cater to your team’s specific training programs or individual sessions. How often do you find equipment that can actually take your soccer players’ fitness and cognitive functions to the next level?

Develop Smarter Players

Using ROX Pro in your training sessions makes it easier to understand, evaluate, and improve your speed, ball control, and other important soccer skills. The ROX Pro app helps you improve your skills, keeps you motivated and guides you to become a great soccer player.

Simulate Real-Game Scenarios

Train with the ball and ROX Pro for in-game situations for data driven results. Scan, find the light, pass. – Work on vision, first touch, second touch, awareness, passing and orientation awareness and where you want to go next. Train your cognitive skills by doing drills using color and sound from the ROX Pro to give different commands. For example passing left foot to one color, right foot for another color. ROX Pro makes you stay on your toes and keeps you thinking to make the right decisions on the field. Another example is using the ROX Pro for awareness around you by setting up ROX Pro around you having you check over your shoulder to make the right decision. Train with a purpose every single time and get feedback to and from players, teams and organizations.

Spark motivation

The drills, the time restrictions and the data stored into our cloud-based dashboard will drive players to work harder and coaches to work more efficiently.

Use ROX Pro for.
One on one individual training.
Group Sessions.
Team Training.
Position Specific Training.
Goalkeeper Training

Focus on the Athlete, Not the Drill

Now you can completely focus on your athlete's movements, positioning, and form. Let ROX Pro do the tracking, counting, and signal shouting work. Letting you focus exactly on what you need to work on or correct. When using ROX Pro as a coach in your daily training sessions, you will have more time available to fully keep your eyes on your training and on your athletes. No more wasting time shouting and advising them what to do, you can now focus on proper training and let our technology do the hard work for you.

On or Off the Field

Use the same ROX Pro to measure the ball and the body. With our different functionalities you can continue to build or recover as a soccer player on and off of the field and with or without your cleats on. Use this technology in any environment with any smartphone on Android and iOS.

It's more dynamic, random, it constantly kept me on my toes and I just had to keep moving.

U21 Finland National Team


Perfect your body positioning using our lights ROX Pro. Soccer requires players to adjust their body positioning according to the actions required for quick, accurate responses.


Improve on your speed of play by working on: dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping, 1st touch, 2nd touch, center of gravity mobility and agility. As a team, you can set up the ROX making patterns and set pieces to cognitively train speed of play.


Set up the ROX on the four corners of the goal post and perfect your shooting accuracy by striking to the ROX that is flashing. Adjust the timing of the flashing to change corners to get your players to think and react faster.


Spreading out the ROX in reaction drills requires players to have an acute spatial awareness. Any randomization factor provided by the flashing ROX helps develop the cognitive and neurological functions of a player (it enables players to practice a skill on their own that would typically require practicing with other players as well).

ROX is a fundamental tool for my coaching work. I love that it adds a cognitive training element and that it allows me to focus 100% on my athletes. And all my players love it as well.

Peter M.
Soccer Coach, Barcelona, @peter.hpc  
ROXs Pro Interactive Rocks


Tough as a stone. Made to rely on.

· Light, sound and vibration cues.
· Adjustable sensors.
· Body Balance Feature.
· Wireless charging.
· Jet fighter material.


Simple to use. Save time.

· Open Programs, developed by Pros for Pros.
· "3 Taps&Go".
· 100% customizable.
· Plan, create and save drills.
· Train reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance.

ROXs Pro Data analysis


Objective training data. Show, track & analyze.

· Real time feedback.
· In-app tracking.
· Cloud-based dashboard.

Soccer Specific Content & Programs

Instruction, Inspiration & Open Programs. To get results.

· Sports-science based methodology.
· Soccer-specific training library.
· Open and costumizable training programs.

ROXs Pro fitness drills in-app

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