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The biggest challenge for sports coaches is to improve the performance of their athletes. These days though, it is not only about creating stronger and faster players, it’s about creating smarter players.
Training with ROXs Pro develops specific cognitive-motor skills during natural training, which impacts the key-attributes of a player. By stimulus-response and stimulus, decision and answer, the players perform accurate movements, making the right decisions much more quickly and achieve higher accuracy on field.
A training with ROXs Pro fulfills the uncertainty principle of sports. Players don’t know the movements before they perform it, they don’t know the direction, distance, time of execution or rest. ROXs Pro’s randomness factor takes the training to the next level as multiple senses are stimulated in unexpected sequences. Just like in a real game.
Make your team work harder. The immediate feedback captured via the App triggers the competitive nature of your athletes and their engagement in the training. Turn the painful suicide runs into record breaking challenges.
Peripheral vision
Keep your eyes on your athletes’ movement, form and game decisions. Let ROXs Pro do the tracking, counting and signal shouting work. Focus on your coaching and don’t lose a second with your players.
Create smarter players
Stimulate real game scenarios
Boost the team motivation
Focus on your athletes
Change of speed
Repeat sprint ability
Change of Direction
Reaction Time
Focus vision
The ROXs Pro 8+ Programs allow you to assess and train the specific key-attributes for different team sports.
Pre- and post-tests can be created to compare the results tracked in the cloud-based dashboard. Specific drills focusing on the relevant key attributes can be performed to improve the performance, 100% according to the needs of coaches and players.
Assess, train and improve performance
Soccer Example Key-Attributes