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ROX Pro | 6 ROX set + Charging case

ROXs Pro 6 pcs set

ROX Pro | 6 ROX set + Charging case


Your smart training assistant with 6 ROX and a charging case is perfect for any Sports, Fitness & Health Pros. Create interactive training experiences for results plus fun. Train body & brain to improve your athlete's reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance.

In the box: 

  • 6 x Rocks¬†
  • 1 x Charging¬†Case¬†
  • 6 x Straps¬†
  • 1 x Mesh Carrybag¬†
  • 1 x Adapter with 4 USB plugs¬†
  • Free ROX Pro App
  • Free introduction call

Here is why ROX Pro is the most reliable interactive training tool on the market:

  • Light, sound and¬†vibration cues:¬†multi-sensory stimulation during the training
  • Upala‚ĄĘ Balance feature:¬†use immediate feedback for body balance assessment and training
  • Adjustable sensors:¬†allow maximum tap accuracy
  • Conexxion‚ĄĘ:¬†proprietary IoT technology¬†and¬†wireless charging for long-term use
  • Easy-to-use:¬†intuitive set-up, navigation and customization
  • Open tool:¬†never prescriptive. 100% customizable according to specific needs
  • Tracking dashboard:¬†cloud-based dashboard with export functionality
  • Super durable:¬†strong construction¬†makes the Rocks¬†resistant to any impact
  • MSNP‚ĄĘ training methodology for science-based programs:¬†
    • Programs¬†designed by leading international sports and rehabilitation scientists.
    • Random training to stimulate real-game and real-life scenarios
    • Cognitive-motor skill training for body and brain
    • Gamification to increase motivation and make the hard work feel fun
  • Help center:¬†multi-platform user support available


    ROX Pro App¬†‚Äď User-centric designed, intuitive use, and simple control.

    App Feats.:

    • 9+ open programs
    • 200+ sports/discipline specific video guided drills
    • 3 Taps & Go
    • Preset drills
    • 100% customizable setup
    • Customized drills to plan, save and load your presets
    • Tracking dashboard
    • Real time feedback
    • In-app tracking
    • Easy assignment of results
    • Free cloud-based analytics dashboard
    • In-app help center
    • Community content
    • Free for iOS and Android

    Video Library - In-app training drills

    • Free 200+ videos to train reaction, speed & agility, visual an auditory capabilities, cognitive-motor skills, strength, coordination, balance, ADLs, among many other
    • Specific videos for every discipline: fitness, soccer, boxing, physical therapy, etc.
    • Video drills following¬†MSNP‚ĄĘ training methodology
    • Consistent upload of new video content
    • Star with "1-tap" functionality plus customizable features

    ROX Pro ROX¬†‚Äď Tough as stone. Made to rely on.

    Tech Features:

    • Light, sound and touch¬†interactions
    • Upala‚ĄĘ proprietary feature for body¬†balance assessment and training
    • Conexxion‚ĄĘ proprietary technology for¬†connectivity and up to 44 yd/ 40m reach
    • Grouping function to train with different groups at same time
    • Wireless charging
    • li-ion rechargeable batteries with 3-9¬†running hours¬†
    • Touch power button
    • Hardware controlled by App¬†
    • Touch, tap and motion sensors
    • Multicolor RGB LED lights for visual stimuli
    • Speaker for auditory stimuli
    • Vibration motor for tactile stimuli


    • Jet-Fighter material (Polycarbonate/ ABS)
    • Anti-shock construction
    • Water-repellent
    • Rubberized coating
    • Exclusive use of virgin raw materials


    • CE approved
    • FCC approved
    • GS approved adapter
    • Certified product quality according to strictest chemical, safety and fitness-for-use requirements.

    Charging case:

    • Quick charge and easy-mobility
    • Durable outer shell
    • Highly protective EVA interior
    • Integrated charging system
    • Adapter with 4 USB ports
    • Carry-handle
    • Adjustable shoulder strap
    • Duo-zipper opening
    • Molded construction



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