Work on proprioception, memory, peripheral vision, response time and decision making -among many other cognitive and motor skills.



Train explosiveness, decision making, peripheral vision and response time.



Make your sessions fun and engaging. Keep your athletes focused and motivated.

  • Interactive Rocks

    State of the art IoT devices, resistant to any hit.

    -Light, sound and vibration cues.
    -Adjustable sensors.
    -Body balance feature.
    -Wireless charging.
    -Jet fighter material.

  • App Control

    Simple to set up and intuituve use

    -Open Programs, developed by Pros for Pros.
    -"3 Taps&Go". 
    -100% customizable. 
    -Plan, create and save drills.
    -Train reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance.

  • Data

    Objective training data.

    -Real time feedback. 
    -In-App tracking.
    -Cloud-based dashboard.

  • MSNP™ Training Methodology

    -Sports-science based methodology.
    -Increased focus and motivation.
    -Higher performance.


Take your athletes performance to a whole other level with ROXs Pro, the best and most reliable reaction training system on the market.

“ROXs brings that “wow” factor to a session, integrating advanced technology with proven outcomes.” - ALAN PEARSON, Creator of SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) Method


ROXs Pro helps you make the hard work of your athletes, clients or patients more fun, so they focus on the drill: this makes the process a lot easier and the recovery faster.

"Boosting engagement + performance = the perfect training tool! In addition, I love that my clients can measure their results to the millisecond, they love it too." NIKKIE ZANEVSKY, Parkour Fitness Trainer 


Simulate in-game situations via multi-sensory stimulation and gamified elements combined with randomized variation to boost your athletes' performance .

"ROXs' randomness translates really well to sports. You have to stay sharp and move to a point in the court that is not predetermined, just like in a real match." - PAUL COLL, No.5 PSA World Tour Squash Athlete.

What our Champs are saying...

"I like that I can experiment ROXs Pro with different workouts, for reaction time or even just for a warm up."

“I use ROXs Pro every day to stay in shape.”

“As soon as I saw ROXs Pro I knew my parkour and natural movement students would LOVE it. It’s fun for both adults and kids and there are endless ways to use it to make obstacle courses and other activities even more engaging."

"80% of all sensory information is through the eyes. Using ROXs Pro engages vision, perception and reaction skills to help make accurate decisions during play."

“The beautiful thing is that you can use in different ways for different needs. I use ROXs Pro for different types of agility training.”


Light, sound and vibration

Multi-sensory cues stimulate multiple senses and recreate real game and life scenarios.

Adjustable sensors

Adjustable sensitivity of sensors complies to different training and location needs.

Balance feature

Body balance assessment and training via immediate feedback.

Super durable

Ball, kick, punch-proof Rocks. Made of jet-fighter materials and engineered to withstand any impact. 

Mobile tech

Reliable IoT connectivity, easy set up and wireless charging for convenient long-term use.

Training methodology

Sports-science backed Programs for cognitive-motor skills development, focus-training and motivation boosting.

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