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The smart training assistant for Sports, Fitness & Health Pros.

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ROXs Pro is a game-changing tool to train body & brain, making every session more effective and engaging with light, sound and touch interactions. Unlimited routines - using multi-sensory stimulation combined with gamified elements and randomized variations - drive interactive training experiences with  ROXs Pro. The outcome? Real game scenarios for cognitive-motor skills development and maximum motivation of athletes of all ages and practice levels.


Focus on people, let ROXs Pro do the rest.

  • ROXs Pro App

    User-centric designed, intuitive use, and simple control.

    Plan and save your drills with ‘3 Taps & Go’.
    Try new variations with the easy customization set up.
    Follow individual performance via a cloud-based dashboard.

    Download from App Store or Google Play.

  • ROXs Pro Rocks

    Tough as stone. Designed to last.

    Set light, sound and touch interactions.
    Set random or controlled signals, and automated counting.

  • ROXs Pro Programs

    Developed for Pros by Pros.

    Create unlimited routines with multiple built-in Programs.
    Get sports-science based training.
    Train reaction time, agility, speed, neurovision, coordination and balance.
    Boost focus and motivation, increase performance and results.


"ROXs Pro translates very well to squash, the random lighting and the reaction time to a point that we don’t know where we are going to, like in a match."

“I use ROXs Pro every day to stay in shape.”

“As soon as I saw ROXs Pro I knew my parkour and natural movement students would LOVE it. It’s fun for both adults and kids and there are endless ways to use it to make obstacle courses and other activities even more engaging. In addition, I love that students can measure their results to the millisecond so this product is also great for helping them improve. Boosting engagement + performance = the perfect training tool!"

“ROXs Pro is a fundamental tool for my coaching work.”

“The beautiful thing is that you can use in different ways for different needs. I use ROXs Pro for different types of agility training.”

Stand out, with smart training technology

Take your training to the next level.

Increase the value of your training with technology that, so far, was only available and affordable for pro-team coaches. Improve reaction time, agility, speed, coordination and balance. You will love it, and your athletes and clients will want to come back for more.

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What you need, just the way you want it

Say hey to ROXs Pro’s versatility. 

ROXs Pro is an open tool to be integrated into all your sessions. Mix it with your creativity and experience to match 100% of your needs. ROXs Pro Programs are developed for Pros by Pros. Play with new drills and get inspired by the ever-growing community.

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For all athletes; any place, any time

Your ROXs Pro always with you.

ROXs Pro stands for multi-sports, cross-generational training and easy mobility.

For Sports Coaches, Fitness or Performance Trainers, Teachers & Physical Health Professionals working in one-on-one or group sessions, with young and old, beginner and pro athletes. It is portable, easy to set up, and can be managed from any mobile device.

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Unique technology features for your interactive experiences with ROXs Pro.

  • Upala™

    Coordination and balance assessment and training via immediate multi-sensory feedback.

  • Conexxion™

    Superior IoT network for connectivity and up to 44 yd/ 40m reach.

  • Light, sound and touch

    Multi-sensory stimulation to achieve maximum results.

  • Ball, kick, punch-proof

    Jet fighter material construction for maximum impact protection.


More than lights. A tech and sports-science based training.
Multi-Sensory Stimulation

Visual, auditory and tactile cues.

Gamified Elements

Challenges and competitions.

Randomized Variations

Uncertainty factor.

Everybody Will Come Back for More.

Increased performance and results.

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Smart training technology: more powerful, more fun, much more affordable.

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