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How do I turn on ROXs?

Put the palm of your hand over the power button for at least 5 seconds until each rock vibrates and flashes green. Once it does, it is on.

How can I turn off ROXs?

Why does a rock not react when I touch the power button?

How many rocks can be added to one game?

How can I connect my ROXs to my phone?

How do I update my ROXs?

What should I do if a software update fails?

Want to know anything else?

What is the rock made of?

How strong are the rocks?

Can I adjust the volume?

How long do the batteries last?

Sometimes the rocks don’t recognise my tap, why?

How many chargers will I find with my purchase?

Do the Rocks emit color when charging?

How can I create an account?

How can I retrieve my password?

What do each games correspond to, and how do we play them?

How can I see the battery status of the Rocks?

What does the app entail?

How do I unlock my Rocks for the ROXs PRO app?

How do I pair ROXs with a new phone?

How can I share the exercise presets between all my physical trainers?

Where do you ship from?

Do you have international shipping?